About us

Who is Go Nature Life?

Go Nature Life is the only brand to hold the Malaysian Halvec Certificate. 

What is Sacha Inchi?

This Sacha Inchi is rich in Omega 3 and better than fish oils. Among the ingredients found in Sacha Inci are Omega 3 (48%), Omega 6 (35%), and Omega 9 (9%). It also contains vitamins A and E, making it a great source of antioxidants.

Sacha Inchi was named SUPERFOOD in 2016 and is recognized as the best oil in the world from plant sources. In Malaysia, many people still do not know about the existence of this plant and now it is beginning to become the most sought-after cure because of its nutrients.

How to distinguish between genuine products and fake products?

  • Features the go nature brand on the bottle cap seal.
  • Features HALVEC hologram sticker (different serial number per bottle).
  • Money-back guaranteed.
  • Oil in the capsule remains liquid if stored in the refrigerator

Why choose us?

Halal Certified
100% Original
100% Organic