GO NATURE SACHA INCHI OIL  has been recognized as a HALAL by HALVEC LABORATORIES after conducting several tests on the oil content of sacha inchi.

Free from Gelatin, Chemicals and Water Mixture.

100% ORIGINAL COLD PRESS Oil from Sacha Inchi fruit.

Safe to use in daily practice as a Health Supplement.


According to studies, Sacha Inchi has more Omega 3 nutrients than regular fish oil. The important thing is that it is 100% pure organic. Sacha Inchi Go Nature is a better fish oil substitute.

Among the nutrients contained in Sacha Inchi:
– Omega 3 (48%)
– Omega 6 (35%)
– Omega 9 (9%)
– Vitamin A
– Vitamin E

Contents: 250ml per bottle

1. Help to control high blood pressure problems
2. Help to control cholesterol problems in the blood
3. Help to control blood sugar problems
4. Improve and treat kidney health
5. Help and relieve muscle and joint pain
6. Help and relieve gastric problems
7. Increase focus

How to Take:
1 spoon before breakfast
1 spoon before dinner

How to distinguish between genuine products and fake products?
• Features the go nature brand on the bottle cap seal.
• Features HALVEC hologram sticker (different serial number per bottle).
• Money-back guaranteed.
• Oil in the capsule remains liquid if stored in the refrigerator

For more testimonials: GO NATURE SACHA INCHI OIL BY USTAZ HANAFI (Youtube)

✅ 100% Orginal Guarantee from GoNature HQ
✅ Fast & Guaranteed Delivery
✅ 100% Money-Back Guarantee
✅ Easy & Secure Payment
✅ 1: 1 Warranty If Damaged Upon Receipt

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1 bottle, 2 bottles + Sacha Inchi Soap, 3 bottles + Sacha Inchi Soap


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