GO NATURE sent samples to SIRIM and HALVEC as a quality test of sacha inchi oil used in soap products is natural and no mixture of foreign substances that can cause side effects.

Go Nature Sacha Inchi Soap benefits the body skin. Brightens, whitens, and smoothes the skin. It cleanses and makes your skin brighter and healthier.

Suitable for bathing and directly on the part of the skin that has problems such as:

– Sensitive skin
– Allergies
– eczema
– And others


Main content
• Sacha Inchi Oil
• Extract Bacilus Ferment

According to studies, Sacha Inchi has more Omega 3 nutrients than regular fish oil. The important thing is that it is 100% pure organic. Sacha Inchi Go Nature is a better fish oil substitute.

Among the nutrients contained in Sacha Inchi:
– Omega 3 (48%)
– Omega 6 (35%)
– Omega 9 (9%)
– Vitamin A
– Vitamin E

Bacillus Ferment is an agebiotic active ingredient found in the oldest underwater caves in the Mallorca Islands. It is said to have high antioxidants in helping to protect the skin from the effects of aging and oxidative stress. Indirectly can increase the ability of keratinocytes to produce anti-aging proteins involved in our skin. These agebiotics also generally improve the effectiveness of the process of tightening the skin, repairing wrinkles on the face and hydrating the skin.

Contents: 70 gram

1. Anti-aging
2. Brightens dull skin
3. Eczema and reduce the effects of scarring
4. Skin whitening agents and freckles

How to use:
– Use 2 times daily
• Wash your face with cleanser (if wearing makeup)
• Rinse with water
• Rub the soap until foamy
• Apply on body/face
• Leave for 5 minutes
• Rinse with clean water

For more testimonials: GO NATURE SACHA INCHI OIL BY USTAZ HANAFI (Youtube)

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